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Original Pilot Silver Grey Nylon Lens

Original Pilot Silver Grey Nylon Lens

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A direct descendent of the American Optical FG-58, which was developed in 1958 specifically for US military pilots and later sent to the moon as standard issue to all Apollo astronauts, the Original Pilot is a classic example of our philosophy of style following from substance. Virtually every detail of this perennial model is utilitarian by design, from the straight bayonet-style arms that allow the glasses to be put on and removed while wearing a helmet, to the slightly convex lenses that deflect as much light as possible to minimise cockpit glare. And yet the result is a timeless style that looks as good today as it did 60 years ago.

Available in multiple frame and lens colours, the Original Pilot is still 100% made in the USA and engineered to rigid military specifications. Its no-nonsense, unpretentious design makes it perfect for the man or woman who wants to remain down to earth, even while walking the moon, (and who does things not because they are easy, but because they are hard).

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